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Cute little ones make a mess so you need the absolute best dog playpen

Best dog playpen guide is the ultimate resource for buying a good playpen for your beloved dog where they will play safely and feel comfortable all day long.


Best Dog Playpen Reviews


IRIS 24'' 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door – small/medium dogs
MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen – big dogs
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Little puppies are cute and they are an absolute fun – no doubt about that. They are also pretty good at making a mess especially when you’re not looking.

So a good playpen is a must for every household because you love your dog to bits (don’t you?), and you want to do the ‘absolute best’ for your puppy or an adult dog.

Playpen is a power tool for training and teaching good discipline – How?

After an extensive research, I have selected the top ‘5 Playpens’ for you:

  • So why did I choose them?
  • Is it suitable for your dog and why?
  • Why do experts recommend it as a power tool?

Those are the things I will explain below in details, especially what you need to consider before you buy one – rather than buying something in a rush and regretting later.

Remember everything you do – affects your dog’s behavior and happiness – so hang on tight and continue reading, and I will give you proof.

Top 5 Best Dog Playpen I have chosen for you and why?

I am sure you’ll agree house-training and discipline is essential for dogs of every age not just puppies.

So dog experts suggest you need a good dog playpen (also a good dog crate) because it is a powerful tool for teaching discipline to every dog.

Let me share with you this nice video.

I love Joanne’s (Dog Instructor) video because she briefly (only 3 minutes long) walks you through, and gives you an idea how you can effectively use a crate and a playpen to house-train a puppy:

Yes puppies grow fast – will the playpen grow or scale?

If you have a large dog breed for example, then you have to plan for it now. Not randomly buy any dog playpen. Why?

Will the dog playpen be big enough when they are 10 months old or more?

So following are the things you need to seriously consider before you buy a playpen for your dog:

1) Breed of your dog – which is best for your breed?

2) Size of your house and where are you going to put the playpen.

3) Build Quality and Safety Features.

4) Price and where to buy.

5) Size and future proofing.

6) If you have a child – is it child-friendly?

7) Do you have other pets in the house?

Best Dog Playpen
(Detailed Reviews)


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[2] Midwest Exercise Pen 36-inches Detailed Review – This is an excellent dog exercise pen.
[3] Richell Playpen Full Review – it is an excellent playpen with up to 6 panels.
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