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We Love Dogs – PERIOD

Hey welcome, (in-case you’re not sure the picture above is not me), and I love dogs to bits. I started writing about our best friends out of that love.

For many years, I wanted to write about dogs. But for a weird reason I always put it off, because I thought who the heck is going to read my writing. Then I thought, does it really matter? I simply need to do what I really love.

So, what do I know about dogs?

I am not a dog expert neither am I a trained vet. But, one thing I always had, a very special love for dogs from when I was a little kid. I used to talk to my dogs, smile at them and do silly things with them. So everyone in my family used to have a little laugh at me.

No, no they were not trying to ridicule me, but they found it really amusing.

Well, I still talk to dogs. Believe it or not they understand more than we realize. So, by now you know why I have this website, right. I will share with you little that I know about dogs, and hopefully you will find it useful, maybe a bit amusing, at the same time thought provoking.

I believe we can do a lot more, and take greater care of our four legged friends, and stop all cruelty towards them. So, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting. Keep in touch and take care.

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