BestPet Playpen Review

“do not buy without weighing the pros and cons”

BestPet Playpen

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BestPet Playpen is a sturdy metal playpen that is ideal for dogs of various sizes. The rust proof playpen works well indoors as well as outdoors making it suitable for all four seasons. Instead of keeping your furry friends on a leash, you can now give them freedom to roam, walk, run or play in a contained and safe environment through this playpen. It will not only make them less aggressive but will also allow you to carry on with your work peacefully.

+ Sturdy and long lasting
+ Spacious and safe
+ Easy to assemble
+ You can stack it up and take it along while travelling. It will not take much storage space also.
– Because the playpen does not have a top, some spirited pets might be able to climb out of it. You can always buy an extra metal frame top as a workaround.
– The door is a bit above ground which might prove difficult for short legged dogs to maneuver. Some customers have put stone steps on either side of the door to overcome this problem.
– The playpen will not work well for large dogs that are over anxious. They might be able to bend it or topple it after repeated attempts.
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Let us explore its various features in detail and find out why this playpen is worth every penny.


bestpet playpen reviewThe Playpen has a powder coated metal frame that provides stability and sturdiness to the whole structure. You can even put it out permanently without worrying about rusting.

This metal playpen will last for years unlike fabric playpens which are susceptible to tears and scratches. The frame is literally chew-proof making an escape from the playpen nearly impossible, unless of course your pet develops climbing skills. In that case it will be wise to fit the frame with a top, like some customers have done already.

Easy to set up

The set-up of the BestPet Playpen is not as easy as some of the pop up tent like playpens, but you can certainly do it without any tools. The whole procedure will just take a few minutes.

The package contains 8 panels that you can connect to each other with the pins that come with the product. You just have to insert one pin between two panels to make them stand together. One of the panels already has a door preassembled in it.

You can assemble the panels in whichever shape you want. You can make a rectangle, square or an octagon.


What you will love most about the playpen is the versatility it offers. Because you can assemble the playpen in different shapes, you can easily adjust it in any corner of your house. You will no longer have to look for some specific space for it. Similarly, you can also set it up outdoors. The pins that go through the panel can be inserted in the ground to add more stability to the structure.

You can also buy extra panels and create a fence like structure outside your home or an RV. Because it can be stacked after dismantling you can take it with you on your road or car camping trips. You will no longer have to keep your pets on a leash while camping; instead you can let them run about in this playpen by securing it alongside your RV or tent.

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bestpet playpen doorThis is another feature which works in favor of large dogs. Most of the playpens available in the market today do not provide sufficient space for large dogs to play. The dogs are able to sit, stand, walk or sleep comfortably in such playpens but are not able to enjoy playing or running around because of insufficient space.

The BestPet playpen provides nearly 25 square feet or 7 feet diameter of space (depending upon your arrangement). This space is more than enough for a single dog to indulge in some active play. You can even keep 2-3 dogs inside the playpen without any worries.


The playpen keeps the pets safe and secure within its metal boundaries. The door of the playpen is at a certain height ensuring that your pets cannot make a run for it as soon as you open the door. It is especially useful in case you are using the enclosure for a litter of pups or kittens and their mother. The older pet can easily climb out of the door keeping the young ones from clambering out behind their mother.  It also keeps them safe from unwanted creatures that might want to venture inside when the playpen is kept outdoors.

The double latch on the door adds to the overall security of the playpen.

Additional Features and product specifications

  • The playpen is made of heavy duty rust proof steel.
  • The product comes with 8 panels, each panel dimensions are 40”H and 31”W.
  • One of the panels has a single door with two latches.
  • The Playpen comes in two colors, Black and Silver.
  • The playpen weighs around 53 lbs.
  • It is suitable for cats and dogs of various sizes (small, medium and large).
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BestPet Playpen versus Ollieroo Dog Playpen

Ollieroo Dog Playpen

Ollieroo Dog Playpen visit Amazon to find out more.


At first glance, BestPet pen and Ollieroo dog playpen look very similar except that one looks more heavily built than the other. Probably, this is also the reason for the difference in their costs. BestPet pen costs a little more than the Ollieroo playpen. But, is that all? Sure there must be more to it, and that is the aim of this detailed comparison.

We will now explore the features of both the playpens in more detail to find out other differences between the two.

Differences between BestPet Playpen and Ollieroo Dog Playpen

Size: Both the playpens have a total of 8 panels that you will need to assemble. The BestPet pen comes in a single size with each panel having 40” height and 31” width. Once you assemble it, you get more than 25 square feet of space.

On the other hand, Ollieroo dog playpen comes in four sizes, though the width of the panels is same in all the four sizes and that is 24”. This will mean that the Ollieroo playpen will give you a space of only 16 square feet (irrelevant of the size you choose) once you fully assemble it.  You can choose a height of 24”, 30”, 36” and 42” depending upon your requirements and your dog’s height.

But, having different sizes really matter? It does not seem so. 40”-42” is the maximum height that comes in all playpens. This height will ensure that even the largest dogs are unable to jump over the panel. Secondly, it will not make sense to buy different height playpens at different growth stages of your dog (from a pup to an adult dog). Hence, even with one size option, the BestPet pen covers all breeds of dogs quite well.

Space wise BestPet scores over Ollieroo as it will give sufficient ground space for a large dog to play around.

Weight: There is a big difference between the weights of the two pens. The BestPet pen weighs around 53 lbs whereas the Ollieroo pen is much lighter at 27lbs (largest size). This is probably due the material of the playpens. The BestPet one is made from heavy duty steel whereas Ollieroo frame is made from a metal wire. This is the reason why BestPet pen holds well against large dogs and does not topple easily in comparison to the Ollieroo dog playpen.

Setup: The setting up of the two playpens is also quite different. The Ollieroo playpen comes pre-assembled and you simply have to unfold it and clip the panels to get a desired shape. In contrast, you will have to connect the panels of BestPet pen with pins. Both the set up does not require any tools.

When setting the playpens outside, you can insert the pins of BestPet pen in the ground to make it more stable. The Ollieroo playpen comes with ground stakes to achieve this.

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Similarities between BestPet Playpen and Ollieroo Dog Playpen

Single door of entry and exit: Both the playpens have a single door that has 2 latches. It provides easy entry and exit for the dogs. The doors of both the playpens are at a certain height from the ground.

Multiple uses: You can set up both the playpens in various shapes like square, rectangle or octagon. This helps to set up the playpen in any corner. Additionally, you can use them as a fence or a big crate or a kennel.

Portability: You can either fold or dismantle both the playpens easily. They both require very less storage space and hence, you can take them along with you while travelling.

Conclusion: The Ollieroo Dog Playpen is ideal for small to medium size dogs that are well trained to stay inside a playpen. The BestPet Playpen is suitable for dogs of various sizes. It can safely house a litter of puppies or can comfortably hold a large dog inside. It will also hold well against any minor onslaughts by the pet and will not bend or topple over easily.

What current buyers are saying?

The buyers of the BestPet Playpen are happy that the playpen is strong, sturdy and tall enough to keep their pets safely inside. There are certain precautions that some customers have cited which I will put down point wise here:

  1. Do not leave your pet unattended for long hours, especially if he/she is of anxious variety, climber variety or nosy variety. They might get their paws stuck in the gaps of the panels causing injury. Not only this, if the pet is heavy and strong then he might be even able to topple the playpen.
  2. In order to provide more stability to the structure and to prevent any change in the shape of the playpen (due to bending), some customers use zip ties between the panels to maintain the angle.
  3. In order to prevent the playpen from sliding on tile floors you can use rugs at the bottom of the playpen. It will also make the area more comfortable for your pets.
  4. If you look closely at the design then you will find that there is a curved gap between the panels at the top. A large dog might get his paws stuck there and get injured. As a precaution it will be wise to put some sort of filling in the gaps.

Final Verdict

The BestPet Playpen is a very spacious playpen which can safely house a litter of puppies/kittens or a dog of any size that is well trained and calm.

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