Burley Tail Wagon Review v/s Aosom Dog Bike Trailer

“buy only after you know the pros and cons”


Editor’s Note: “A strong and safe bike dog trailer that is easy to assemble and fold back.”

Burley Tail Wagon provides a very convenient and safe way to take your pet along with you on bike rides. The wagon design not only keeps your pet secure and comfortable inside, but it also gives him an unrestricted outside view. The wagon will also protect your pet from the weather elements, though this protection is a little inadequate. Why? Read on for more..

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So, let us first look into the pros and cons of the Burley Tail Wagon. We will follow this by a detailed feature wise review of the product. After this we will compare it with a similar product Aosom Dog Bike Trailer, which will hopefully help you decide which one to buy according to your specific requirements.

Pros Cons
+ The construction of the Burley wagon is of high quality. -The fabric of the wagon is not entirely water proof and will get wet when it rains heavily.
+ The wagon is spacious enough for small and medium size dogs. -There are no fenders that will protect the wagon from flying dirt or debris.
+ The tail wagon is versatile and can be converted into a stroller. Additionally you can use it for putting in groceries and other stuff when you are not hauling your pet. -There is no proper sun protection.
+ The wagon is fold-able and quite lightweight; hence you can take it along with you while travelling. -The wagon is a bit narrow for larger dogs.
+ There are reflectors and flag holders which will make the wagon more visible during the night. -No locking mechanism for the trailer.
+ It is leash friendly as it has D rings through which you can secure the leash of your pet. -The tires are not tubeless.

Burley Tail Wagon Detailed Review

Let us now look into all the features of the tail wagon in greater detail. It will help you find out if it is the perfect biking companion for you and your pet.

Lightweight and durable: The first and foremost condition for any trailer to qualify as a “good” biking companion is its ability to withstand the vigor’s of biking. It should be strong enough to go over some rough patches on the road without falling apart, yet at the same time it should be light enough for you to pull along with your bike easily. And this is where the Burley tail wagon scores a perfect 10.

The wagon is made of aluminum which is not only known to be lightweight but also resistant to corrosion. The weight of the wagon is 23.5 lbs which is way lighter than most of the trailer’s available in the market today.

The rust resistant properties of the tail wagon will ensure that you can use the wagon in rainy conditions also. This is especially helpful in case you are planning to go on a biking expedition. Because such biking tours involve covering long distances, in not so perfect weather conditions. You will even have to bike during light rains. Hence, a rust resistant trailer will be a boon during this time.

Comfortable: There are many features of the Burley tail wagon that will add to the comfort of your pet while you are biking.

  • Easy rolling: There are two 16” spoke alloy wheels in the wagon that provide a comfortable and effortless rolling of the wagon behind your bike. Your dog will be comfortable enough on paved roads. But if you are planning on mountain biking then you should reconsider using this trailer. Customers who have taken the trailer on dirt roads do not recommend it for such uneven paths. According to them the trailer bounces, making it uncomfortable for the pet.
  • Airy: The tail wagon has mesh windows on all its four sides. This is especially useful during hot weather. As we know dogs do not have a sweat mechanism and the mesh will help them to stay cool during hot, humid or sunny weather conditions. There is just one drawback, and that is the lack of any sun protection. The mesh allows wind as well as the sun’s rays to enter the wagon. A sun protection mechanism will definitely add to the comfort level of your furry friend.
  • Flip down tailgate: The wagon has a flip down tail gate to make it easy for pets to enter or exit the wagon. Additionally you can use it to secure the flip cover more tightly to prevent your pet from sliding out from the wagon.

Spacious: The interior dimensions of the wagon are 19” W, 32.5” L and 23” H. As you can judge from the specifications, the wagon is longer but it is not much wider for large dogs to shift around comfortably. Older dogs or dogs who want to lie on their side will find the space too narrow to be comfortable. Similarly, the height will be a problem for large dogs. The 23” height is not same throughout the whole wagon. The wagon has a tapered front and back which will make the interiors a bit cramped for dog’s having shoulder heights more than 18”-19”. Hence, though the wagon is advertised for pets having weight up to 75 lbs, you will also have to be careful about the size requirements of your pet.

Overall, the space inside the wagon is sufficient to house two toy or small breed of dogs or one medium size dog.

There are cargo pockets where you can put in your pet’s stuff like water bottle, toys and so on. Additionally, you can also stuff it with your things like camera or purse. You can also place a cushion or a blanket at the bottom to make it more comfortable for your pet.

Ease of installation and maintenance: The whole wagon comes folded and you can unfold it and install it in a matter of minutes. The instructions in the manual are quite easy to follow and you will be able to attach the trailer to your bike pretty quickly.

In order to convert the trailer into a stroller you will have to buy the wheels additionally. There is a two wheel option as well as one wheel option for the stroller. The stroller handlebar comes with the trailer itself. You can detach it easily by just pressing a button.

You can also take out the bottom of the wagon and clean it. This helps you to maintain the hygiene of the trailer and give a clean environment to your pet.

The tires of the trailer are not tubeless hence it will be wise to be prepared. Some customers have replaced the tires with better tubeless ones.

Additional Features and product specifications

  • The trailer comes with a cover, tow bar, hitch, 2 wheels, user’s manual, safety flag and a handlebar.
  • The trailer has an aluminum frame and alloy wheels.
  • The weight of the wagon is 23.5 lbs and its carrying capacity is 75 lbs.
  • It has roll up zip cover which you can secure with a Velcro strap.
  • The fabric is drum tight and hence will keep your pet securely inside.
  • There are side batten on the wagon that provide extra stability.
  • There is a limited warranty on the product that covers the fabric parts for one year and the plastic parts for three years.

Burley Tail Wagon v/s Aosom Dog Bike Trailer

Burley wagon and Aosom bike trailer are both trailer cum stroller options for your pets.  You can convert both of them from a trailer to a stroller and vice versa, easily. But upon reviewing both of them, we found that the Burley wagon works better as a trailer whereas the Aosom bike trailer is actually a better stroller. Hence, depending upon your requirements you can choose to buy one of them.

Burley Tail Wagon vs. Aosom Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Table


Burley Aosom
Expensive Budget friendly
Comes in a single color Comes in three colors, Black, Blue and White
The handle bar cannot be adjusted The handle bar can be adjusted for different heights
Maximum weight limit is 75 lbs Maximum weight limit is 88 lbs
Aluminum frame Steel frame
Weight of the trailer is 23.5 lbs Weight of the trailer is 37 lbs
16” Rear Wheel 20” Rear Wheel
Burley is a US based company Aosom is a Chinese company

Let us first start with the similarities between the two trailer-stroller options. This will let you know what basic requirements both the products cover.


  • You can convert both the trailers into strollers and vice versa, easily and quickly.
  • You will be able to assemble both the trailers without any tools.
  • They are fold-able, require less storage space and you can take them along while travelling.
  • Both the trailers include connectors for leash and have storage pockets.
  • Both the trailers provide some rain and sun protection and are also easy to clean.

Next, we will look into the differences between the two products. This will help you decide which one is more suitable for your requirements.


Weight: When choosing a trailer it is important that the trailer should be lightweight. It is vital because you will not only be pulling the weight of the trailer but also the weight of your pet along with it. Hence, the lighter the trailer the easier it will be for you to haul your pet along. The Burley tail wagon is nearly 14 lbs lighter than the Aosom trailer which makes it a better bike trailer.

Rust proof: While biking, it is common for the bike and its attachments to come in contact with water, mud and dirt. Hence, it becomes imperative that the trailer should be made from rust proof material. Here again the Burley wagon scores since it is made from Aluminum which does not corrode easily. The Aosom dog bike trailer is made from steel, which like iron corrodes when it comes in contact of water.

Stroller wheels: The wheels for the stroller do not come with the Burley wagon. You have to buy them separately. In case of the Aosom trailer the stroller wheel comes attached and you can detach it when you want to use the trailer functionality. Hence, if you are looking more for a dog stroller than a trailer, then buying the Aosom trailer will be a better option.

Adjustable handlebar: The Burley wagon has a stroller handlebar but it is not adjustable. This makes pushing a little uncomfortable for people as they cannot adjust it according to their heights. The Aosom trailer fares much better here as its handlebars are adjustable making it easy for people to take their pets on long walks in the park.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a sturdy and quality bike trailer which you can take for bike rides without worrying about the safety of your pet, then definitely go for the Burley tail wagon. It will not only give a safe and secure ride but it will also last long. But if you want a convenient, budget friendly stroller cum trailer kit for short rides or walk through the park then buying the Aosom dog bike trailer will be more economical.

FEATURES Burley Tail Wagon Aosom Dog Bike Trailer
Sturdy 5/5 4/5
Rust proof 5/5 3.5/5
Light weight 5/5 4/5
Comfortable 5/5 4.5/5
Cost 4/5 5/5
Ease of Set up 5/5 5/5
Accessories 4/5 5/5

What current buyers are saying?

The buyers of the tail wagon are very happy with their purchase and will recommend others to buy it for their four legged buddy. Though most customers appreciate the stroller attachment, there are a few things that they will like the manufacturer’s to sort out:

  • The wagon comes with the stroller handlebar but no wheels. This does not make much sense. In case a buyer is not interested in converting the wagon into a stroller then for him the handlebar is of no use. Hence, instead of the handle bar, some customers would have appreciated if the kickstand was given freely with the wagon. The kickstand is of more practical use than the handlebar. As it is, the handlebar is of no use without the wheels.
  • The extra wheels for the stroller are small as compared to the wheels already given with the wagon. This makes the wagon a bit unsteady and makes the dog slip forward or backward when going downhill or uphill respectively.

Apart from the stroller suggestions, customers are satisfied with the quality of the trailer and have found it quite durable. They definitely consider it value for money and are happy to see their pets enjoying the rides safely and comfortably.

Final Verdict

The Burley tail wagon is a perfect biking companion for your pet and you. It is worth every penny and provides one of the safest and sturdiest rides ever.