cleaning dog crate with vinegar

Cleaning Dog Crate with Vinegar

Dog crate is like a home inside a home for many pet dogs. It is their den and they spend most of their sleeping time inside it. Naturally, with time the crate becomes dirty and smelly. Hence, like any other household item it also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. By cleaning the crate regularly we ensure that we are giving a hygienic and healthy environment to our furry friend.

There are many commercial cleaning products available in the market today. But, using them on a regular basis can prove to be an expensive bargain. Apart from the cost we also need to consider the safety factors while choosing a cleaning product for our pets. Some products can be toxic and can create breathing problems in animals. Hence, it becomes important to choose a reasonably priced product that will help us keep the crate clean in a safe manner. And, Vinegar seems to fit the bill perfectly. It is one of the various natural products that people use regularly as household cleaning agents.

The following sections will explain in detail the process of cleaning dog crate with vinegar.

What is Vinegar?

Vinegar is a liquid substance that has a certain percent of acetic acid in it. It is ideally used for pickle preparation and various other types of cooking. There are various types of Vinegar available in the market. But for cleaning purpose you can use simple White Vinegar. It is less smelly and hence will not leave a strong smell after you finish cleaning.  The vinegar available in the market has around 5% acetic acid in it. Hence, you might want to dilute it with water before applying. Using Vinegar directly on wooden or stone surfaces can damage them.

How to use Vinegar as a cleaning agent?

Vinegar is free of harmful chemicals and hence a safe alternative for doing any type of household cleaning. Because of the acid in the vinegar it can kill many types of bacteria. The best way of cleaning dog crate with vinegar is explained in the given below steps.

  1. Cleaning a crate includes cleaning the bedding, toys and bowls also along with the crate. To do that you will need to remove all these items from the crate first and clean them separately. While you are cleaning the crate keep your pet away. The strong smells of the various cleaning products might overwhelm him. The smells might also cause sneezing and itching in certain pets.
  2. Cleaning dog crate with vinegar is a two-step process. First, clean the crate with soap and water. Second, disinfect the crate with diluted vinegar solution.
  3. Before you clean the crate with soap and water you should remove all solid waste from the crate. This includes food particles, dust, debris, hair and faecal matter.
  4. Once you remove the entire solid waste, take the crate in an open area like the backyard for washing and drying. If that is not possible then you can do the cleaning in a well-ventilated room. Use a room with tiles like the bathroom or kitchen. You can use the sink or bath tub for cleaning purpose.
  5. Wash the crate thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure you remove all the dirt and grime. You can use a scrubber or a brush to do so.
  6. Once you wash away all the dirt and soapy water then you can apply the vinegar solution to disinfect the crate. You can either spray the solution on the crate or you can use a cloth soaked in the solution to wipe each part of the crate.
  7. Let the solution sit on the crate for some time. 10 to 15 minutes should be enough to kill most of the bacteria.
  8. Next, you can wipe the crate dry with some paper towels. If you have a fabric crate then you can also use a hair dryer to dry the crate. In any case, it is always better to leave the crate outside to let it dry completely. If you do not have an access to an open area then you can leave the crate in a well-ventilated room. It is important for the crate to be completely dry before you use it again. This prevents mildew formation. It also protects your pet from accidentally licking any moist area.

Cleaning dog crate with vinegar is one of the most cost effective and pet safe methods. Other than vinegar there are various other natural cleaners available too.

Other Natural Cleaners

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is very useful when you have to clean a very smelly crate or a fabric crate or bedding. You can use it after you finish cleaning or in between. There are two ways to use it.

  1. Use it while washing the crate. Add the baking soda (nearly half a cup) to the soap and water and then wash the crate or bedding with it.
  2. You can also use the baking soda after the washing and drying of crate is complete. Sprinkle baking soda on the crate surface or the bedding. Let it sit for some time like 15 minutes. Then vacuum the soda. This process will leave the crate smelling fresh and new.
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an effective cleaning agent especially when you need some quick cleaning. Use a rag soaked in alcohol to clean the required place. Once cleaning is over wipe the area to ensure that there are no traces of alcohol left. You should do this so that your pet dog does not accidentally lick the area.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that is used in case of minor injuries. You can also use it to clean and disinfect your dog’s crate.

  • Bleach

Bleach is another very effective cleaner and disinfectant. But, it is not very environment friendly and can also create health problems for your pet.

Creating a homemade cleaning and disinfecting solution

You can make your own cleaning and disinfecting solution at home with natural ingredients. It will be cost effective and safe.

Fill a spray bottle half with white vinegar and half with water. Add a few drops of lavender oil. Lavender oil will provide good smell and leave the area cleaned smelling fresh and nice.

You can use the spray solution for your crate as well as other household cleaning. Just spray the solution at the required place and let it sit for some time. Then either wash it with water or wipe it with a damp cloth. Make sure to let the area dry completely before you use it again.


Cleaning and disinfecting a dog’s crate is very important to keep your pet healthy and happy. Using natural ingredients to do so ensures that your pet is not accidentally harmed by toxic chemicals found in commercial cleaners. Products like vinegar are also easy on the pocket and the environment. So, the next time your pet’s crate requires a clean-up, grab your good old bottle of vinegar and set to work.

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