Best Dog Crate Coffee Table – both you and your dog will fall in love

Dog crate coffee table is amazing because it serves as a dog crate, and at the same time it is a coffee table. Two-in-one’s wow! I am no doubt in love with the idea. Why?

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Because it is cozy, saves you space and of course it adds to the beauty of your living room or bed room. They also come in different shapes, designs and colors to suit your taste . Check out my top three dog crate coffee tables below:

Top 3 Best Dog Crate Coffee Table Comparison Chart

I have done thorough research about the pros and cons, so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time doing that. The following are some of the things you need to consider before you buy one:

Is it cozy enough for your dog?

Dog crate is no more a temporary abode for your special furry friend rather  it is a mini-lodge for your dog, which neatly fits into the designs of your beautiful home.

So make sure you check the size specifications, and if the build and the material is of good quality.

It is important to make sure there are no sharp edges, which can hurt your family members for e.g. a child (of course including your dog).

Your dog needs to be cozy and comfortable in the crate that’s the main thing, right. So please read the reviews, and see what people are saying before you make your buying decision.

Design is important as well

Dog crate manufacturers have come a long way, and they have become highly creative. And they make special crates to fit your living room or your bed room.

So ask yourself: where am I going to place the dog crate coffee table? Do I need something as bedside table? Or, if I need something for the living, which will also work as a coffee table. 

Do you prefer a door and if so does it open or close smoothly? And the color is important too. You need one which perfectly blends with your home decor and other furniture. 

Think about how you will make good use of it

A dog crate coffee table is a mini-home for your special furry friend. The two principal functions of this piece of finely crafted furniture are:

  • Resting place for your dog
  • Also a resting surface for various items.

So ask yourself: how am I going to use it?

There are several dog crate coffee tables in the market with a variety of designs to choose from. Below I have briefly described the top three I have chosen for you.

They are certainly among the best mini-furniture home for your dog.

Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End Table, 24-Inch  

This impressive dog crate is like a miniature confession box. It will provide your dog the much needed solitude to ‘meditate on canine stuff”.

Its aesthetic is remarkable, perhaps its build is the thing that draws attention and praise from numerous dog owners.

This beautiful end table has been crafted out of finest ‘Hevea Wood’, which is a widely available sustainable wood variant.

The Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End Table is an enigmatic beauty. Not only does it perform its function as a place of residence for your cute little pal.

It is also a wonderful piece of furniture that helps embellish the interior of your home.

This beautiful crate is no-doubt a perfect furniture to place in the center of a small-sized living room. Because it is capable of providing adequate support to a variety of items such as:

  • Books and newspapers.
  • A flower vase.
  • And of course coffee mugs.

Also, all four sides this dog crate is composed of finely polished vertical slats. And your dog will very much enjoy the ventilated atmosphere within its comfortable residence.

You can also fit a mini-bed into the dog crate in order to allow your pet to enjoy a good nap at night or during uneventful days.

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

If you want a dog crate that doesn’t look like a modified table, then Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set is the right choice.

This dog crate has an incredible design that will certainly blend into the rest of your home’s interior. Your guests will also admire it for sure. 

Its conspicuous nature should give your dog very little problem when adapting to it as a place of residence. It’s great design elements no doubt beats most conventional dog crates.

All sides of this crate are bordered. It also has metallic panels, which gives it an awesome look, and makes it durable.

The sides have numerous orifices, which aid ventilation within the crate. Thus allowing your dog to have continuous flow of fresh air, all day long.

The top surface of the dog crate can easily accommodate most items used frequently at home like keys, books, coffee mugs and mobile phones.

And the good thing, it is available in three different sizes. So, it may fit different breeds of dog. But please do check out the specifications, and of course read user reviews before you buy.

Casual Home Pet Crate End Table, 24-Inch, Black   

This is a variant of the Casual Home Pet Crate that also doubles as a piece of furniture used to support several items.

Its main feature that differentiates it from the other Casual Home dog crate is its black colour, and this ensures that dog owners can creatively adopt the perfect combination with the rest of their homes’ interior designs.

It can accommodate dogs that are up to 20 inches long and 14 inches tall. This will still have a little room for an accessory. It also has well-arranged slats on all sides that allow for adequate ventilation within the interior of the crate.


So to conclude, a dog crate is no more a transit lodge for your beloved pet. Rather it is a temporary home, and at the same time a useful furniture, which can definitely  add to the beauty of your home.

But you have to choose the right one, which best meet your needs. If found this article useful, please do share it with your friends. Take care and talk to you soon.

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