dog grooming tips and tricks

5 Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks Any New Dog Owner Should Know

Dog grooming tips and tricks – 5 easy things you can do at home, and that’s exactly what I am going to share with you today.

Spending a few minutes with your dog can brighten up your mood. That wagging tail never fails to put a smile on your face!

The least you could do is to take good care of them by providing them proper grooming. Brushing is necessary for all dogs regardless of their breed.

It helps in the removal of dirt, dead hair, etc. Regular and gentle brushing also helps to nourish your dog’s fur by evenly spreading the natural oils.

It also gives your little companion a healthy sheen! Grooming also helps in checking up your dog for abnormalities. This covers various issues like fleas, ticks, dry patches, or problems with their teeth, nails, eyes, and ears.

When you detect a problem at an early stage, you can fix it soon. So, let us take a look at 5 Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks Any New Dog Owner Should Know.

5 Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks Any New Dog Owner Should Know

Yes, various professional pet groomers and stylists are definitely a big relief for pet owners. But what about the situation when you are on a budget?

You need to consider grooming your dog at home. Ouch! Now you must be wondering how you are going to tame your precious little ball of fur as effectively as a pro.

I bet most of the dog parents are spending more than required on getting your dog’s fur professionally groomed.

But if you know these 5 dog grooming tips and tricks, then with some practice, even you can improve the routine for the beauty and bath for your dog and of course yourself!

1. Sticking To A Routine

When you set aside time for performing your dog’s chores, it helps you with the process of training him and also inculcates a sense of discipline. Over the time it also speeds up your grooming process.

2. Bathing

If you wish to cut down your grooming time, make sure that your dog is super clean before you start to tame that coat.

  • Invest in a shampoo suited for dogs instead of using your own because dogs’ skin has a different PH than humans. If your dog has a sensitive or allergy-prone skin then consult your vet for a medicated dog shampoo.
  • Let the shampoo soak into his fur, wash it out and you are done! WRONG. Most of the owners think that only applying the shampoo will clean out all the dirt. BIG NO! You need to massage it in for 3-5 minutes after the application to get rid of all the dirt sticking to the skin.
  • Be careful while cleaning the eyes and ears. Don’t let the shampoo seep into those parts or you are going to cause a lot of trouble to the poor animal. But also keep in mind that the sensitive areas need special attention. Clean the face, eyes, and ears with a cotton ball.

Bathe your dog only once or at the most, twice a month. If you do it more than that, you can strip him of the natural oils.

3. Rinsing

When you don’t rinse your dog’s coat and skin well the dried up shampoo and residue can get stuck and cause irritation. So, after shampooing, start rinsing in the opposite direction. Rinse at least twice to be double sure.

4. Drying

Leave those blow driers for the pros. Keep some towels handy and gently dry the fur as much as possible. Do not rub or you can irritate his sensitive skin.

5. Brushing

Brushing cleans your dog’s coat by getting rid of the dirt sticking to the fur and gives the coat a shiny appearance. Brush your dog at least thrice a week.

Benefits Of Grooming Your Pet At Home:

1. Identification Of Abnormalities

Home grooming helps you to keep up with any changes to your dog’s well-being. Taking care of his nails, coat, ears, teeth, and eyes enables you to monitor any health issues and identify abnormalities in his attitude and appearance.

2. Bonding

When you spend more time with your dog he learns to trust you with his well being. In turn, the bond between you two becomes stronger.

3. Affordability

You can save a few extra bucks by grooming your pet at home. You can also prevent unnecessary trips to a groomer or your vet by taking care of petty issues at home.

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