Dog Playpen vs Crate – How to use both to potty train and discipline your dog?


Dog playpen vs crate – is there a real difference? Of course there is a difference because the name itself suggests dog playpen is a play area for your dog.

dog playpen vs crate

A playpen has an enclosure, which is like a fence. It has more room than a crate. Think about your home and the fence around your home – it is basically the same concept.

A dog crate on the other hand is a mini-home where your dog can rest or sleep. A dog crate will usually have a door, dog mat or a soft cozy bed inside it. You can also put little toys inside a crate for keeping your dog happy.

Use a dog playpen and crate in combination

For example: you may put a dog crate inside a playpen, especially when you are away for the whole day.

Your dog can easily come out of the crate when he or she gets too bored and play in the pen. This will also give them a little more flexibility to play in the pen, and get some gentle exercise.

When it comes to little puppies, we all know they are like babies because they cannot hold for long. So you can put some puppy pads in one corner of the playpen.

Your puppy can rest inside the crate. And they can still come out if they need to pee for example, and use the puppy pad. So you can use a crate and a playpen in combination to discipline and potty train your puppy.

What do I do?

Personally, I like to put a water bowl, dog treat dispenser or a food bowl in a specific area inside the playpen. This helps the dog to get organized. And it teaches them that they can eat or drink in this area as and when required.

So think about it a little bit and have a plan in your mind.

Things to keep in mind when you buy dog crate and playpen

1) Plan and of course do it in advance. I know we all get too excited to bring the puppy home. But if you had a dog before you know very well a little bit of planning beforehand comes really handy.

2) Think about where you’re going to place the playpen and the crate. They come in different sizes and designs.

3) Please make sure you buy the ones suitable for your dog breed. We have some great recommendations in this website to help you buy the best dog crate and playpen.

4) Do not buy cheap bad quality material.

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