Doggyride Original Dog Stroller – Questions You Must Ask Before Buying

Doggyride Original Dog Stroller can provide your dog with the comfort they need to enjoy the outdoors once again.

Below, I have highlighted the pros and cons that you need to consider before spending your hard earned bucks. Because it comes with a decent price tag.

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Your dog gives you so much. It is wise to return the generosity by helping your pet enjoy the outdoors when it can no longer do so under their full power.

Not only that.

A dog stroller comes handy when you can attach it to your bike, or let’s say you’re walking in a busy street and you want your best friend to remain safe.

So a good dog stroller is a wise investment, especially Doggyride Original Dog Stroller because it has so many awesome features.

With this review I will take you on a love returning journey that will help you care for your dog or dogs much more effectively.

I will also give you the details you need to know about ‘Doggyride Original Dog Stroller’ and how it will provide an opportunity for your pet to enjoy a normal life again.

First blush: Doggyride Original Dog Stroller

When I first saw this dog stroller I thought it was an invention from the future.  The over-sized rear wheels, the weird looking front wheel attachment did bring up some genuine questions in my mind.

Or, you may start to think, the design is not the best. Hold on!

Because once you start to understand the purpose, the dog stroller gets better looking all the time. Why?

First impressions, though, equals judging a book by its cover. You are only getting an assumption not the substance of an item.

What this dog stroller does for your dog overcomes any judgment you may have made when first looking at it. So hang on tight to find out about the awesome features of Doggyride Original Dog Stroller.

Here you go, there is definitely more to the cover

Don’t let the looks scare you off.

There is more to the stroller than its look. The large wheels help smooth out any bumpy surface.

The front wheel design is even better. Because it makes turning so much easier and provides your dog with the smoothest of rides.

Trust me, your dog will thank you enough!

Sunroof and Air Flow

The zippered panels can be transformed into a sunroof for your dog. Or they can be removed to give your dog full access to the fresh air.

Don’t worry about air flow. Because the side panels allow for air to circulate and keep your dog cool.

Weather Proof

You can use this stroller in every type of weather as it comes with a rain proof cover. It even has a cargo roof attachment for you to bring your items home with you.

Attach it to your Bike

One last good feature. If you prefer riding your bike to walking, this stroller can attach to your bike. Your dog can enjoy the outdoors with you as you ride.

Now the Nitty-Gritty

The first thing I love about this dog stroller is that it is affordable. The price tag is around US $300 but it is a good idea to check the latest price on Amazon.

But dogs are worth the expense. The cabin size at 31.5″ L x 21″ W x 25.5″ is big enough for Labradors and similar or smaller sized dogs.

You can comfortably put 2 or 3 tiny dogs in the cabin. A warning here. The maximum shoulder height of the dog cannot exceed 26 inches.

The stroller is strong enough to hold any dog weighing up to 100 pounds. Plus, it will fit through most doorways as its overall width is only 30.5 inches.

The conversion pieces to allow you to attach a cargo roof or attach it to your bike are optional. They do not come as part of the standard kit.

Some Assembly Required

While this dog stroller is partially pre-assembled when packaged, some assembly is still required. The instructions on how to finish the assembly are included in the kit.

According to the manufacturer, assembly is not that difficult. But you may have a very difficult time with putting the rest of the stroller together.   The instructions may need to be fine-tuned in order to get all the pieces locked together correctly.

Some helpful tips for assembly:

i). Don’t open the cabin until after you put the handle bar in place

ii). Put the brake on BEFORE you put the wheels on.

iii). Have a friend, child or wife help you. You will need more than two hands.

iv). You will need a tire pump to pump up the tires.

Final Words

Doggyride Original Dog Stroller is a great product, but like everything it is not perfect. I would suggest you invest some time and do some reading on Amazon as well.

Verified customer reviews are pretty good indicators of what the product is like in real-life. Because you are getting feedback from dog owners, so it will help you to make a good buying decision.

I love dogs to bits, so do you.

And we know dogs provide unconditional love. Your dog’s sole desire is to be with you. This dog stroller enables you to grant that wish more often.

So please, return the love your dog has given you and provide a comfortable, healthy way for them to enjoy the outdoors.

Especially, as dogs get older they rely more on their owners to care for them. Show them your unconditional love by letting them comfortably ‘walk’ with you.

I hope this review has helped you. Thank you for visiting, take care and see you soon. Check out the Doggyride Original Dog Stroller below.

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