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ESK Collection Playpen – Why you and your dog will love this playpen to bits?

ESK Collection Playpen is an excellent product, which is light-weight, easily fold able, made with tough material and its even see-through, wow! Hang on, not just that. It comes with a super affordable price tag. Let’s dive in and do a thorough review, before you buy it.

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There are many challenges associated with having a puppy at home. They are sweet, funny and always energetic. The amount of running around they do in the house is baffling. They are super energetic in this age gap, and they like to run around the house at full speed.

They also like to try their hand at jumping up on high objects and making a mess everywhere they go. And No one could be possibly mad at a puppy no matter what they do! Those puppy dog eyes just melt all the anger away!

But there are many dangers to have your puppy run around the house;

  • They tend to chew everything they see.
  • They like to jump on you when you are least expecting it.
  • There are chances of them hitting a sharp object.
  • There are chances of them eating non-digestible objects like plastic.

You may be wondering if a solution exists. The matter becomes quite hard to manage when you go out to work during the day.

But now we present to you the ultimate solution to keep your puppy secure even when you are away!

ESK COLLECTION Pet Puppy Dog Kennel 600d

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This product is the answer to all your problems associated with caring for your puppy while you are away. The ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d uses the best material and construction methods. It keeps your puppy safe from all the hazards that may affect its health.

The ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d is a foldable kennel that you can set up in your house in a matter of seconds. The reason it is so simple to fold and build is the lightweight material design. Don’t concern yourself with the question – Is the lightweight material be strong enough to handle the abuse of a puppy? The material is strong and stable. This makes it resistant to any scratches or tears that a puppy might induce while testing out his/her paws.

Plus, the material is of mesh type so that you can have a full view of your puppy when he/she is playing inside the kennel.

The Worry-Free Kennel for Your Puppy

The construction is in such a way that the top and the bottom portion of the kennel can be taken off. The waterproof material will allow you to clean the kennel without any hassle.

Do not let the size of the erected kennel put you off on portability as the kennel can be taken apart with the use of the provided zippers. You can carry the product around, making them very useful for journeys or trips.

If you ever have to take your puppy outside to play, there stands a possibility where the puppy might run off.  With The ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d, you can just unzip the bottom layer and place your puppy inside the kennel while you are at the park. The puppy can run around on the ground while seeing every site without you having the risk of losing your lovely pet.

Portable, Easy To Use, and Affordable!

Erecting the kennel in the park or anywhere outside prevents your puppy from being attacked by animals or even dogs. The 40-inch diameter coupled with 24-inch height ensure that The ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d is perfect for puppies as well as medium-sized dogs. The wide diameter also ensures that the play area is wide enough for them to run free and jump without ever having to feel suffocated.

Also, leaving for work is not a problem as you can spend your day working without the constant worrying whether your pet puppy is safe at home. With The ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d, your puppy will be safe all day long without the risk of the puppy inflicting any harm to itself or the surroundings.

Another nifty feature of the ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d is the storage spaces it has provided on the sides. This allows you to store the toys or anything related to the puppy so that they always remain within reach.

Put simply, If you are looking for the best portable kennel for your puppy, ESK Exercise pen kennel 600d is the definitive solution.

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