Is Chewing a Bad Habit and is Punishing Your Puppy a Good Idea?

How to stop a puppy from chewing on furniture or your shoes without punishing your puppy – trust me it is possible.

Therefore, choose the smart option and do not try to change the puppy rather think about the strategies you can put into place.

Not Easy, but it is definitely possible through patience, discipline and practice.

Chewing is not just a bad behavior it is a natural process for a growing puppy. So think how you can encourage them to chew but at the same time not allow them to resort to destructive chewing.

As a dog owner the responsibility lies on us, not just the puppy.

In this article, I want to emphasize on the following idea:

Punishment is not the answer, rather we need to take responsibility and help our furry friends to re-direct their behavior.

Let me tell you an interesting story. And I am sure you’ll be able to easily relate to it. Once upon a time, I had a cute little puppy, she was playful and mischievous at the same time.

So one day I was away and she decided to take this opportunity and put her chewing skills to test.

And what was the end result?

Of course, her test was 100% successful – no doubt. But my favorite shoe ‘breathed its last’. I will be honest with you, I was not at all happy. At the same time a bit annoyed as well. 

So what did I do?

I took her to ‘ground zero’ and for sure I disciplined her. With an innocent face she looked at me. She knew she did something wrong but her eyes said to me ‘I am not really sure on what I did’. 

That was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me. Because I knew it was not just a behavior issue, but it was a way more than that.

Now that’s the thing, we sometimes fail to understand. Whether our puppy is destroying our furniture, our shoes or whatever it maybe they are not always doing it on purpose.

There is a reason behind it.

What we call or see as a destructive behavior, is actually a very natural process for our canine friends.

There is a good reason why puppies chew things?

Well, what can be the reason behind this chewing habit? for exploring the world, Dogs, infants, and toddlers, use mouth as a medium. so, Dogs Chew things and it is a common problem and most of the young dogs suffer from this problem.  

This behavior can be the result of multiple reasons like teething, separation anxiety or psychological problems. Well, teething is the most common reason behind this behavior. 

Your puppies ephemeral teeth flare-up at the age of three to eight weeks, and four to six months. so, it irritates your puppies gum and he chews things for relief in his gum.

later, permanent teeth replace these teeth gradually.

Chewing should be corrected in right time as it can lead to harming personal property and cause medical problems.

Some training, little patience, and understanding can prevent inappropriate chewing.  A little effort can change your dogs chewing habit and redirect your puppies behavior to a healthier lifestyle.

Steps to prevent inappropriate chewing:

Be sure about the reason behind chewing

Sometimes dogs chew when they suffer from psychological problems like anxiety. If that’s the case, take your dog to an animal behaviorist, for the correct and expert diagnosis. This will help you in making a suitable plan for correct treatment.


This will help you in making a suitable plan for correct treatment.chiefly when chewing occurs along with weight loss and bizarre behavior. commonly teething is found to be the reason behind this behavior of young dogs.

Teach your dog to obey

Teach your dog some commands like ‘bad’ and ‘good’. you need to understand that whenever your dog chews inappropriate things, you have to make him understand that this is not a toy and he should not do this. you can direct him to his chewing toys and you can just use words like ‘bad’ and ‘leave it’ and show negative reinforcements so that your dog understands, you are not liking it the way he is behaving.

3.Offering praise and treats

Another simple and effective step is offering your dog a treat and praise him if found.chewing on something appropriate. This will encourage him to show good behavior use phrases like ‘good boy’.This way your dog will learn, what to chew and what not. With proper training. your dog will start to show good behavior and will automatically start doing correct things to grab your attention( and treat).

4.Puppy proofing your house

Make your house puppy proof. This can be done by removing harmful things from the puppy’s reach, also keeping your important things in safe place. Block access to the areas where it is not puppy proofed. Remove objects like shoes, socks, and toys from the floor, slowly he will forget his all-time chewing habits.also, keep in mind to remove things which can hurt your puppy.

5.Spend some playtime with your dog

You cant expect from your dog to just play with the toys. Dogs want fun, they want interaction with the family they live in and They want attention from members of the family, spending time with your dog can strengthen the bond between you and the dog and it is also an easy and not a harmful way to make your dog tired.

This way, he will spend less energy on chewing things and stay calm for the rest of the day.Is your dog chewing more than normal? give him some time and take him out for a good playtime.

6.Dog Training classes

Training classes are also an effective way to discourage your dog from excessive chewing. These classes are available in most of the cities. Training centers are the best place for you and your dog to participate in learning new things. practice, practice together with other dogs and their owners. This way dog can use his excessive energy in learning, rather than just chewing shoes or laptops.

To restrain your dog from damaging costly things and controlling his aggravating chewing habits,  consistently keep an eye on your little hulk and follow these steps while keeping in mind to praise him and offer him treat if he obeys you. dogs are very lovely animals they add a smile in our face every day. In return, they just need a little attention and care.

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