Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch tall – Know the Good and Bad Before Buying

Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch high panel is a rock-solid playpen for your awesome furry friend – yes without a doubt. And there is a good reason why Amazon has chosen this dog playpen as their choice product.

Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch Tall

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Every product has its pros and cons, so does Iris Dog Playpen and here are my findings:

Pros Cons
– Made with heavy-duty molded plastic
– Good brand good quality
– Many satisfied customers
– Easy assembly and installation
– You can make it bigger by adding panels
– Comes in 9 different colors
– No Rust
– Not as strong as metal dog playpens
– Preferable for small to medium sized dogs
– Yes, dogs can chew and damage the plastic
** Please read below why I have given Iris Pet Playpen with 24 inch high door a 4.5 star rating

Iris has a good reputation and it makes high quality products, which are affordable to buy. In this article I will do an in-depth review of Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch panels, so that you know right-away if it’s suitable for your dog.

A picture says a thousand words, right – imagine why videos are so powerful. Please watch this amazing short video (2 minutes +), it will tell you everything about Iris Pet Playpen with a 24-inch Door:

Below is a comparison table showing you related playpens options available for your dog.

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Main Features of Iris Pet Playpen with a 24-inch Door

  • 6 Panels with Add-on – It has four panels it can be extended to six panels with add on – good enough space (8 square feet) for two small dogs as seen in the video.
  • Easy Connecting Rod – Full length stainless steel connecting rod makes it easy to assemble and even when taking it apart. You have seen it how simple it is.
  • 24 inches tall – So it has a good height for most small to medium sized dogs.
  • Beautiful sturdy door – I love the sturdy beautiful door so that your pet can come out easily when you want them to. Stainless locking latches help you secure the door.
  • Made with tough plastic – Since it is made with high quality plastic material, no chance of getting rust.
  • Folds beautifully – You have seen in the video how the lady could fold it in less than 5 minutes and easily hide it behind her couch.
  • Many different colors – You have a choice of many different colors.
  • Protective Rubber feet – It comes with non-skid rubber feet, so it protects your floor from accidental scratches.
  • Mesh roof – You can also buy an inexpensive mesh roof, which can go with this beautiful dog playpen.

Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch – read reviews on Amazon or Buy Now.

Or, continue below for some more information.

What do you need to look for while buying Iris Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch high?


iris pet playpen with door 24-inch

This dog playpen has a superb design to fit various shapes and angles of your room – so that’s the best thing. The playpen is definitely durable and it will last you a while as it is made out of tough molded-plastic.

It has four panels and you can use it as a perfect:

  • Safe and secure play-area for your dog.
  • If needed you can easily turn it into a training enclosure for your puppy.
  • Yes of course you’ll be able to use it as a simple exercise pen.
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Another great dog playpen from Iris Inc.

That’s another great product from Iris, it is an eight panel dog playpen slightly higher priced than the one you have seen above. Again great quality because they are made of the same material. Here is a detailed review of Playpen with 8 Panels. The playpen is shown in the table below.

[amazon box = “B00D5P8450”]

About IRIS Inc.

iris inc logo best dog playpen manufacturerIRIS is a great company it was started in Japan in 1971, and now the products are manufactured in USA. They are all about quality, their theme is to sell solution not products.


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