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Why You Will Love The Beautiful Lime Green Dog Crate – Is It Worth Buying?

Lime Green Dog Crate looks cool especially if you love the beautiful lime green color. I am sure you can’t wait to have the best crate for your furry friend. So why not grab the ‘detective hat’ and start exploring the best one in the market?

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What do you need to look for while buying a Lime Green Dog Crate?

Lime Green Dog Crate InfoGraphic

Lime Green Dog Crate Info-Graphic

Safety and Durability:

The lime green dog crate by crate appeal is pretty good. It is of decent quality, the wire closings are small so that makes it a bit sturdier. So it would be good for most dogs.

But, if you have a big dog the crate might not be strong enough especially if they have a habit of breaking out of the crate.

If you look at the ‘verified’ reviews you will find that most users are happy with the product. But the good thing when you buy from Amazon, as you know returns are so easy if the product does not meet your needs.

Folds like a Brief Case:

I love this feature because you can fold the lime green dog crate and carry it anywhere just like a brief case. It also has two handles on the side. So carrying and storage is not a problem at all.

It comes in different sizes:

It comes in different sizes, so it does not matter whether you have a Yorkshire Terrier or a Great Dane, you will be able to buy the right sized dog crate.

Comes in different colors:

Yes I know you’re looking for the lime green dog crate but you also have a choice of blue or pink.

Portability of the lime green dog crate:

It has removable divider, which you can use to adjust the space within the dog crate. You also get a removable tray, so cleaning it is not a problem at all.

Very Affordable:

Lime green dog crate is very affordable but check out the price at Amazon for the latest price.

Door Latch:

The lime green dog crate has a nice door, which opens and closes easily. You can use the nice little latch to secure the door. So, check it out properly because your dog may be able to open it, yes it has happened to few people.


If you buy this product from Amazon, please make sure you contact the customer service for finding out the details of warranty. It is usually 30 days but it depends on the product.

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Just a heads up: Midwest ICrate Double Door is amazing and it comes in different sizes, so you might want to check out my review here. But it does not come in lime green color.

My Suggestion:

In addition, weigh the pros and cons of both before buying anything.

OK, let’s move on and look at the cons of Lime Green Dog Crate by Crate Appeal.

In Conclusion:

Overall it is a good lime green dog crate for sure. Probably, Midwest is a more reputable brand, and you can read my review above. Well, Midwest has more than 17000 reviews in Amazon so you can imagine its popularity.

Cons of Lime Green Dog Crate by Crate Appeal:

  • May not be strong enough if your dog is aggressive or if it has the bad habit of breaking out of the dog crate.
  • Some people did complain about the quality and stability. Also, if you buy the lime green dog crate, please make sure you check everything thoroughly within the warranty period. And if you do not like it, you can return it and get a full refund.

Finally, please read customer reviews in Amazon before you buy them – not all reviews are trust worthy, so make your own judgments.

Take care and I hope you found this article useful. See you soon.

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