Lucky Dog Modular Kennel Review

“pros and cons to consider before buying”

lucky dog modular kennel

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Lucky Dog Modular Kennel is a strong and durable kennel that can house large dogs comfortably. With the additional top cover that comes along with the product, you will be able to use this kennel outdoors in all seasons. The kennel is sturdy enough to stand against strong winds and bad weather conditions.

But, saying that you’re not going to keep your dog outside when it is snowing or raining heavily, right. The kennel is quite spacious, so you have an option to even put a dog house inside. That will provide additional safety to your dog from the weather elements. Let us look at the pros and cons first. Then, we will go to the detailed review below and compare it with another kennel. This will help you to make an informed buying decision, good luck!

+ Strong and long lasting
+ Weather proof
+ Rust proof
+ Spacious
+ Has a thick and strong water proof cover
– The tarp given on top will not be able to withstand heavy snowfall.
– The installation is not as straightforward as written in the manual.
– Because of the 1” gap at the bottom, a pet who is an expert at digging will be able to dig his way out, if the kennel is set up in a grassy area.
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Lucky Dog Modular Kennel Detailed Review

Let us now go over all the features of this kennel in more detail and find out if it is a good option for your dog and home/yard. The video given below will give you a very good idea how this awesome dog kennel looks like. It is super easy to set it up as well, enjoy the video!



This Dog Kennel is Sturdy


lucky dog modular kennel


One of reasons why the Lucky dog modular kennel is getting five stars from its buyers is its strength. The kennel is made from 100% commercial steel which provides great strength and stability to the whole structure. You can be sure that no gust of wind will be able to topple this kennel. Nor will an overexcited large dog be able to bend it or shift it from its place. The parts are all welded together quite well ensuring that your dog will definitely not be able to chew his way out.


lucky dog modular kennel The roofed kennel will not only keep your dog safe from sun or rain but the strong wiring (8 gauge wire mesh) and latched door will keep him safe from any unwanted animals too.

The wire mesh and steel bars are welded together before coating. This ensures that there are no sharp edges in the kennel that might hurt your pet.

There is a one inch gap at the bottom of the kennel that might become risky in case your pet resorts to digging, but this will not be a problem if you are setting up the kennel on a cemented, tiled or wooden floor.  You can also block that access through other means like stones or bricks.

Another point to note is that the tarp above might not hold well against heavy snow, and collapse. It will be wise to fit the top structure with a ply or something similar if you want to use it through all four seasons. Light snow however, should not be a problem for the kennel.

Easy to clean

As mentioned above, a 1” gap is given at the bottom. The main purpose of the gap is to enable easy cleaning of the kennel floor. You can easily hose out or sweep the inside of the kennel providing a clean and hygienic environment to your pet. You can also clean the kennel frame with a damp cloth.

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Ease of set up


lucky dog modular kennel with cover

Since the Lucky dog modular kennel has preassembled panels, setting up is quite easy and fast. According to the instructions and the installation YouTube video, you do not require any tools for setting up the kennel, and you can even do it alone. All the required hardware is included in the package. Some customers though have taken help of a friend to set up the structure.  They have also used couple of tools to secure the hardware. They have also used a ladder to set up the tarp at the top of the kennel.


The kennel comes in three different sizes and you can choose one depending upon your space requirements and your dog’s size. You can even arrange the panels differently to customize the shape of the kennel. Similarly, you can attach the door panel anywhere and get a front door or a side door accordingly.

You can use the kennel for a single pet (a large dog), 2-3 medium size dogs or cats. Customers have even used the kennel to house chickens and ducks. You can use the kennel as per your specific requirement.


The kennel is quite spacious, with the smallest size kennel having 16 square feet of ground space. The manufacturers make different size panels and you can easily mix and match to get an area of your choice. The space is generally enough to keep a large dog, his dog house, toys and food bowl, all inside together. You can also house 2-3 dogs inside the kennel with enough room for them to play together.

The height of the small kennel is four feet whereas for the large kennel it is six feet. This is more than enough for dogs of all sizes. The height of the kennel and the roof on top of it will prevent any enthusiastic jumper from escaping the kennel by jumping over it.

You can even buy extra panels and construct a bigger kennel to suit your requirements.

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Additional Features and product specifications

  • The Lucky dog modular kennel weighs 138 lbs.
  • The dimensions of the three sizes of the kennel are as follows:
    • 4’HX4’LX4’W
    • 6’HX10’LX10’W
    • 6’HX10’LX5’W
  • It comes in a single color, black.
  • The setting up does not require any tools.
  • The kennel comes with a water resistant cover.
  • Includes rust resistant wires.
  • Has a dog safe lockable door latch.
  • The kennel comes with one year warranty.

Lucky Dog Modular Kennel v/s Petsafe Box Kennel for Pets 10X10X6

petsafe box kennel for pets 10x10x6

Petsafe box kennel for pets 10x10x6, click on the image to read reviews on Amazon


Comparing Lucky Dog Modular Kennel with Petsafe box kennel for pets 10X10X6 is like comparing two very different products! Though both the products are kennels their similarity ends here.

Following is a detailed list of the differences between the two kennels. Go through them and decide for yourself which kennel will suit your requirements.

FEATURES Lucky Dog Kennel Petsafe Box Kennel
Ease of set-up    


Petsafe box kennel for pets 10X10X6 has a chain link fence which does not hold well in bad weather conditions. One customer has even posted a picture of the toppled kennel after a particularly strong gust of wind. Though the dogs were not hurt in the incident, it certainly speaks volumes about the sturdiness (or lack of it) of the kennel.

Generally, Chain links are very light weight and tend to come apart. Such kennels are not very steady outdoors unless you anchor them with ground stakes.

On the other hand, the lucky dog kennel is made from steel and hence it is very sturdy. It can easily withstand windy, rainy or snowy weather. The kennel does not require stakes to hold it down to the ground.

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The video below will give a good idea of Petsafe box kennel for pets and how it can be easily installed.


Ease of set up

Here again the lucky dog kennel scores much higher than the Petsafe box kennel for pets 10X10X6. Setting up Petsafe box kennel is very tedious and takes a minimum of two hours. Moreover, it requires at least two persons to set it up properly. Though setting up the frame is a piece of cake, the rest of it very cumbersome. The chain link fence tends to get entangled and it takes lots of time to disentangle it.

Lucky dog modular kennel comes preassembled and it hardly takes half an hour to complete its installation.


The lucky dog kennel comes with a tarp that you can put at the top of the kennel to protect your pet from the weather elements. The Petsafe box kennel, on the other hand does not come with any such roof. You will have to buy a sunblock top in order to protect your dog from sun and rain.


Your pets will have a hard time trying to escape from the Lucky dog kennel. They will neither be able to chew it nor bend it. They will also not be able to climb or jump over because of the roof that comes along with the product.

The Petsafe box kennel for pets 10X10X6 has chain link that is quite easy to climb. Many customers have even reported that their dogs were able to chew through the fence. The kennel is only suitable for very well trained dogs. Otherwise it is good for keeping chickens inside.

Also, since it does not come with a roof cover, your dog will be at the mercy of the weather elements.


The Lucky dog kennel is certainly more expensive than the Petsafe box kennel. But with Petsafe kennel you will have to buy a top and anchors separately that will add to the total cost of the kennel.


The Lucky dog kennel is definitely a sturdier and long lasting kennel than the Petsafe box kennel for pets 10X10X6. Though it costs more than the Petsafe kennel, it is worth every penny.

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What current buyers are saying?

The buyers of the Lucky dog modular kennel are very satisfied with their purchase and find that the kennel is strong enough to survive some pretty bad weather conditions. Though, they will not like to put their pet out in the kennel in such conditions.

Some customers are not happy with assembly instructions and find them misleading. Like the manual states that you will not require any tools for assembly. Instead, most of the customers had to use some tools like a wrench and Philip’s head screw in order to set up the kennel securely.

Other than that, the customers find the kennel quite airy and spacious and a very good option to keep their pets outdoors without a leash.

Final Verdict

The Lucky dog modular kennel is a sturdy, long lasting and spacious outdoor enclosure that provides a safe way for pets to play around without having to keep an eye on them constantly.

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