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Midwest Exercise Pen 36 Review – Why is it an excellent buy for your Dog?

Midwest Exercise Pen 36 Inches (Height) is an excellent product. It is a great brand, well-built and the price is reasonable – so let’s dive in and explore the pros and cons of this beautiful dog exercise playpen.

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What do you need to look for while buying Midwest Exercise Pen 36 Inches Tall?

The above video will give you a pretty good idea about Midwest Exercise Pen (it is very similar to the product we are exploring here).

It’s so easy to use, right.

Safety and Durability:

First of all, Midwest is a great brand (in business from 1921), it has a good reputation overall. Midwest Exercise Pen 36” is safe and of course it will last you long.

With a 76% 5 Star Rating at the time of writing this article, so you can imagine this dog playpen is loved by dog owners.

Style and Design:

It is a black metal exercise playpen with no fuss. In one word, it is neat and slick.

And it has a door which you can easily open if you need to get inside the exercise pen or your furry friend needs to come out.

It has secure latches to keep it locked when you need to.

8 Flexible Panels:

Yes it comes with easy-to-assembly panels and eight of them, each about two feet wide. It can fit into various shapes, so that’s handy to adjust to corners and different angles in your home.

Size and Space:

Midwest Exercise Pen 36 will be suitable for most big dogs. According to Midwest, it will be good for dogs which are about 23 inches tall.

This exercise pen will provide a lot of room for your furry friend. So your dog can comfortably move around the playpen, and get some gentle exercise as well.

Because the exercise pen easily encloses sixteen square-feet of floor space.

Easy to Assemble:

You are right; putting it together is easy-peasy. It is nicely designed so you can just open it, and within minutes you have a nice dog exercise playpen.

In the above video, you have seen it was so easy for the lady to use the exercise pen.

Easy storage:

No doubt it is easy to put together and obviously a breeze to dismantle. And you can easily hide it away behind that couch or put it in your car boot while travelling.

In Conclusion:

It is an excellent playpen – I own it and so do few friends of mine. I trust Midwest, but as you know no dog playpen will be perfect. There will be some pros and cons and manufacturing defects in few of them.

So after you buy it, since you will have enough time to use it and see if everything is OK. If not you can return the item, and that’s the best thing when I buy from Amazon.

But please do go through the reviews yourself, and make an informed decision my friend. I hope you found this article useful. Take care and see you soon.

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