midwest icrate double door 48

Why Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 is awesome and loved by Dog Owners?

Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 is not just another dog crate, it is one of the best. It is affordable, sturdy and has a great mobile design which easily folds like a brief-case with a smart carry handle. Moving it  around is a breeze because of its light-weight metal panels.

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The company has also taken great care in eliminating sharp edges with their patented design and rounded corners in order to ensure that the wire crate is safe and does not cause any injury to your dog.

Not just that, it comes in 7 different sizes to fit most dog breeds (see the chart below). Hang on, you also have the option of single or double doors. This is a good light-weight and flexible dog crate, and you cannot go wrong with this product. For more, please see the detailed review below and find out what makes it awesome.

Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 Reviews

Assembly is just so easy (watch the short video):

Quality and Brand

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Before you try any other crate cage for your dog you should look at the Midwest ICrate Double Door 48. It comes from a company known for its pet products serving dog owners from 1921.

An important thing to remember, not all crate cages are created equal thus you need to check out this one to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 is an “Amazon Choice” product and that means a seal of approval from Amazon. 

Additionally, the people at Midwest know that your pet is part of the family and most certainly your best friend, so they take great pride in manufacturing a quality product. Along with quality, they have kept mobility and ease of use in mind. It is light-weight, and you can easily carry it anywhere like a brief case. The carrying handles are strong – don’t worry.

Therefore, I feel it can be a very good choice for you and your furry friend.

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First, the Basics:

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An important thing to remember is you want to house train your pet through the crate method then you need to have a good solid crate to house your pet.

The double door by Midwest provides flexibility as it has doors on one end and one side allowing you to place it in your home where it fits best.

Then the ICrate is easy to set up requiring no tools and has durable security latches ensuring that your pet will not escape.

Furthermore if you do not want to leave your dog home at this critical time in its training you can always fold up the ICrate and take it with you. Since it comes with a carrying handle moving the ICrate to your vehicle is simple.

A final word on the basics is that this ICrate comes with a washable plastic tray to hold all your pet’s gifts. It also comes with a divider to help you regulate the living space as your pet grows up.


Midwest backs up its products with a one year warranty. If you have any problems that are due to manufacturer mistakes then call them and let them take care of your problem.

Is it right size and safe for your pet?

Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 Dog Size Chart

If handled properly, your pet will have no problem at all. Just make sure you get the right sized Dog ICrate that is suitable for your dog. Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 will fit a large dog for sure.

For example it will be good for: German Shepherd, Doberman, Bull-mastiff and many more large breed. There is a nice chart in Amazon for your reference, and if I was you I would definitely refer to it before I buy a Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 – Dog Crate.

Midwest ICrate Double Door 48


(1) One important factor is that it is roomy enough for a large sized dog. Just pick the size that fits your dog as there are six other variations.
(2) Along with being roomy set up is a snap.
(3) It is sturdy enough and ready to meet all challenges your pet brings.
(4) Another important aspect of the Midwest Dog ICrate is its divider which allows you to regulate your pet’s living space.
(5) Of course it comes with two doors making placement in your home easy.
(6) As you have seen in the above video it is flexible and folds up easily and can take it anywhere.
(7) It has a roller-feet made with rubber, which will prevent damage to the floor.
(8) Finally the tray slides out making cleaning a snap – it is also leak proof.


(1) Some customers complained about sharp edges that can hurt your dog. If you buy it check it thoroughly.
(2) Second, the latch may slip so make sure you check it.
(3) Additionally, the metal may be weak and break when some high-energy dogs decide to mess around.
(4) The next bad point is that some smaller dogs may get their noses and snouts stuck between the metal bars.
(5) Finally, the measurements of the ICrate may not be exact or match to listings.

Some Closing Words:

In summary, finding the right training tool to help house train your pet is not always an easy task. So its always a good idea to go with a brand name you can trust. Honestly, that’s what I do.

I feel Midwest knows pets, knows how you view them and strives to provide you with the best quality money can buy. The have been doing this for a long time (since 1921).

So it makes sense right – they know what they do!

However, we know there are pros and cons for each and every product.

I hope this review helped you a bit whether Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 is the right thing for you and your pet.

Overall, its versatility will make it a wonderful addition to your home. While there are other similar products on the market, the Midwest ICrate Double Door 48 can make your pet training easy.

To conclude, you won’t go wrong with this product as out of over 17,000 Amazon Reviews (at the time of writing this review) 77% gave it 5 stars. That says something right there.

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