Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen Review

“why it is a solid playpen for your dog”

oxgord heavy duty metal pet exercise pen

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VERDICT: “A sturdy playpen, value for your money and it is easy to set up.”

Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen is a versatile and portable playpen that will keep small to medium size dogs safely inside. The playpen provides good value for your money, and it comes in various sizes. You can choose one according to your dog’s height and weight.

The playpen provides enough space for your dog to play around safely while you finish your chores in peace. Let’s dive in and look at the pros and cons first. Then, we will go through the detailed review. At the end, I have also compared Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen with IRIS Wire Pet Pen. I hope it helps you to make an informed buying decision – all the best!

+ The playpen provides sufficient space for your pet to play around comfortably.
+ It can be customized into various shapes.
+ Three different sizes to choose from.
+ Fold-able and hence easy to carry while travelling.
+ Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
+ Sturdy and durable, if used for calm and well trained pets.
– The playpen is not entirely rust proof.
– It is not suitable for overexcited dogs or jumpers.
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Oxgord Heavy Duty Pen Detailed Review


Let us now look at its features in detail and find out more about its various uses.

Ease of installation

Oxgord heavy duty metal pet exercise pen doorThe installation of the Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen is very easy and quick. The panels come preassembled and you will just need to insert the pin between them to complete the installation. One of the panels has a door with two latches.

In case you want to set the playpen out, then you can insert the pin in the ground to add more stability to the structure. Since the set up hardly takes any time you can easily change the location of the playpen depending upon your needs.


The playpen has 8 panels and you can arrange them in different ways to get different shapes. This is very helpful as you will not have to look for a specific space in the house to set it up. You can easily fit it in any corner of the house. You can even decide to use fewer panels and make an open crate for your dog.

Similarly, you can install it outside and use it as a fence or a kennel. You can either set it up independently or put it up against your house or an RV.


Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise pen Size Chart

Oxgord Heavy Duty Play Pen – Buy The Right Size.

You can easily fold back the Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen. After folding the playpen it will not take up much space. You can easily put in your car and take it along with you while travelling. Because of its ease of set up, you can also take it for your camping trips. By setting it up around your tent you will no longer have to keep your pet on a leash. This way your pet can also enjoy being outdoors and have fun.

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Sturdy and durable

The playpen is made from a heavy duty metal and is quite sturdy. But it will probably not be able to withstand the onslaughts of an escape minded dog. An overanxious dog might be able to bend the pins after repeated attempts.

Though the product is advertised as rust proof, there are many complaints from the customers about the playpen rusting after just a few months of use. Well, it will depend on where you intend to keep your playpen. If you want to keep the playpen out in the open permanently then it will be better to repaint the whole thing to prevent rusting. Some dog owners have already done so.


oxgord heavy duty play penThe playpen is extremely safe and does not have any sharp edges that might hurt your pet. The door has a double latch that keeps your pet safely and securely inside.

There have been cases of pets getting their paws stuck in between the bars of the panels. If your dog is hyper anxious and likes to jump around the panels then it will be better not to use this playpen for him. This playpen is a good option for only well trained dogs who are content to play inside the pen for long hours.

The curved design at the top has also been a problem for pet parents of large dogs. The dogs get their paws stuck between the curves and find it difficult to extricate them. As a workaround some customers have installed the playpen upside down.


The playpen offers nearly 30 square feet of space. This is much more than what most of the other playpens offer. The space is enough to house your pet, his toys, food bowl and sleeping mat. You can even keep 2-3 pets together without worrying about comfort.

Another great thing about the playpen is that you can combine more than one playpen and get a much bigger structure. Customers have done this, so that they can also put out chairs in it and sit alongside their pets.

Additional Features and product specifications

  • The playpen has a heavy duty metal frame.
  • It has rounded edges to prevent any injury to the pet.
  • It comes in a single color, silver.
  • The space between the horizontal bars is 6.5” and between vertical bars it is 1.5”.
  • The Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen comes in different height options, 24”, 32” and 40”.
  • It has an electro coating to prevent rusting.
  • The 24”H playpen weighs around 35 lbs.
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Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen v/s IRIS Wire Pet Pen

IRIS Wire Pet Pen

IRIS Wire Pet Pen, click on the image to visit Amazon for more.


Oxgord Metal playpen and IRIS wire playpen, both offer an enclosed safe area for your pets to play, indoors as well as outdoors. Though function wise both the playpens serve the same purpose, they are suitable for different type of pets. While Oxgord playpen is more suitable for small and medium size dogs, the IRIS playpen is better for toy breed of dogs. Let us find out why this is so and also at the same time explore the similarities and differences between the two.

Similarities between Oxgord Metal Playpen and IRIS Wire Pet Pen

Ease of installation:  Both the playpens come with 8 panels. The dimensions of the panels are different for both the products. Installation is quite easy and will not take more than a few minutes time. You just need to insert pins between the panels of the Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen to assemble it and, in case of the IRIS playpen you will need to just connect the panels with the given plastic connectors.

Versatility: You can assemble both the playpens in different shapes. You can buy more than one playpen and connect them together to get a larger area. You can also use both the playpens as a fence.

Portability: Since both the playpens are fold-able, you can easily take them along with you while travelling.

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Differences between Oxgord Metal Playpen and IRIS Wire Pet Pen

Size: The Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen comes in three heights, 24”, 32” and 40”. Similarly, the IRIS playpen comes in five different heights, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”. But when you compare the amount of ground space the playpens provide then the Oxgord playpen is better than the IRIS playpen. With Oxgord playpen you will get more than 30 square feet of ground space whereas with the IRIS playpen you will just get 16 square feet of space irrelevant of the height you select.

Shape: The size limitations of IRIS will impact your ability to assemble the playpen in different shapes. Since the width of each panel is just 2 feet, your rectangular shape will look very narrow. The Oxgord playpen panel has a width of 2.5 feet which will give you a better rectangle shape than the IRIS playpen.

Door: First and foremost, the IRIS 24” height playpen does not come with a door. The taller IRIS playpens have a door with 2 locks. On the other hand, the Oxgord playpen has doors for all sizes.

The design of the door is also quite different in the two playpens. The door of the Oxgord playpen is a bit above ground (nearly half feet), which actually helps if you are using the playpen for pups and their mom. The mom can easily come out leaving the little ones safely behind in the playpen. Similarly, for other dogs a raised door is always beneficial as it prevents them for running out too quickly from the pen as soon as you open the door. Since the door of the IRIS Wire Pet Pen is at the level of the ground, it will not be as advantageous as the Oxgord one.

Stability: The panels of the IRIS playpen need to be connected to each other with plastic connectors. Many customers have reported that the plastic connectors do not hold well and they have to secure them with tape or zip ties. The Oxgord playpen does not have any such issue since it uses pins that go through the panels making them very secure.

The weight of the Oxgord playpen is just double than the IRIS playpen of the same height. This makes it difficult for dogs to push around the pen and change its location. With IRIS Wire Pet Pen many customers have complained that their pets can push the playpen around easily making it difficult to contain the pets at the same place.

Dog Breeds: Because the IRIS playpen is light weight and has less space, it is more suitable for toy size dogs. On the other hand, you can easily use the Oxgord playpen for small and medium size dogs.

Cost: The Oxgord playpen is costlier than the IRIS playpen but it is also of better quality and more sturdy.


The Oxgord playpen is more stable and spacious than the IRIS Wire Pet Pen and will be more suitable for larger breed of dogs.

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What current buyers are saying?

The buyers of the Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen are happy that the playpen has sufficient enclosed space to keep their pets safely inside. The playpen is designed keeping a pet’s safety in mind and it does not have any sharp edges that might hurt the pet.

Customers mostly recommend this playpen for dog’s that are well trained. The playpen will not be a good option for pets that are looking for a way to escape. It will also not work well for large and heavy dogs as they might topple it.

Overall, customers find the playpen suitable for their small and medium size dogs.

Final Verdict

The Oxgord Heavy Duty Metal Pet Exercise Pen is a good choice for small and medium size dogs who are not escape minded.  It provides sufficient amount of space for them to play around without you having to worry about their safety.

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