Precision Pet Crate Review

Precision Pet Crate Review

“affordable and well designed sturdy dog crate”

VERDICT: ”A safe and secure crate for a well-trained dog”

Precision Pet Crate provides a safe and secure personal space for your pup or dog where he can sit, stand or sleep comfortably while you are away at work or finishing household chores. It is also an ideal tool to help your pup/dog house break. Additionally, you can even use it to potty train him. Though, the crate is not strong enough to house escape minded pushers, chewers or benders, it is certainly sturdy for a well-trained dog. The best part is that it comes in various sizes and you can choose the one that will fit your pooch perfectly.

Let us first start with the various pros and cons of the crate, followed by a detailed feature wise review. Later on, we will compare it with a similar crate – Amazonbasics Dog Crate which is priced differently. Hopefully, by the end of the review you will be in a better position to make your buying decision.

Pros Cons
+ Safe and sturdy enough for well trained dogs. -The crate is not suitable for overanxious dogs. They might be able to chew the wires and hurt themselves in the process.
+ The crate is rust resistant and can be used outdoors too. -A heavy and determined dog that is also a jumper might make the structure collapse after repeated attempts. Pet parents of such dogs had to use zip ties to prevent this from happening.
+ The unique locking mechanism makes the crate very secure. -Some customers have not found the tray to be as durable as advertised.
+ The crate has two doors that provide easy access and placement options
+ There are no sharp edges that might hurt the pet.
+ The given sliding tray makes it easy to clean the crate.
+ Installation is very easy and quick.
+ Since the crate is fold-able, you can take it along while travelling.
+ The given carrying handle bars make it easy to carry the crate even when it is fully assembled.
+ The crate comes in 6 different sizes.
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The Precision Crate has the following features that make it different from the other available crates in the market. Apart from reading these, you will also benefit by going through the Precision pet crate training video. It is a filmed representation of the features we are discussing below.

Safest locking mechanism

Generally, in most crates you will find doors with a single latch or a double latch. After latching, if you push hard at the door then it tends to bend a little creating enough space in between the door edge and the crate for your dog to accidentally put his paws. Recognizing this potential flaw, Precision pet has come up with a unique 5 location locking mechanism. There is one side latch for the door and two above and below hooks on which you can lift and latch the door securely. The Precision pet crate training video (at timestamp 1:59) shows you how exactly the locks work. The locks increase the safety and strength of the door. Your dog will definitely have a hard time figuring out this lock system.

Some customers have found the lift and latch locking mechanism so secure that they do not even use the side lock of the door for their docile pets.

Sturdy and long lasting

The entire crate is made of heavy gauge metal wire which is definitely more durable than any plastic or wooden crate. It will be difficult for your dog to chew or bend the metal wire.

Apart from being sturdy, the crate is also rust resistant because of the electro coating on the metal. Hence, you no longer have to worry about any water spills. You can even clean the crate with a damp cloth to maintain hygiene. The crate will definitely last long with proper care.

But an overanxious, strong dog will be able to bend the wires or chew his way out. Hence, if you have an escape artist then it will be better to look elsewhere.

Some customers have reported their hyperactive dogs chewing the wires and hurting themselves in the process.

Easy to install and maintain

The crate comes preassembled and you will be able to install it alone within seconds. A divider comes along with the product which you can use to divide the crate for two puppies or to make the size more appropriate for your dog/pup.

There are two doors, one at the side and one at the front. This not only increases the accessibility but also increases your options of placing the crate. This also helps in cleaning or placing the bedding inside the crate more comfortably.

The crate also comes with a sturdy plastic tray which makes it super easy for you to clean up any mess your dog makes. You can easily slide the tray in or out. The tray is made from polypropylene plastic which is flexible yet quite strong. Check out the Precision pet crate training video (at timestamp 2:59) where a Precision team member is twisting the tray to show its durability and pliability. The tray is quite thick and non-porous ensuring that liquid waste is not absorbed. This will make cleaning up a breeze.

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Airy and comfortable: The design of the crate makes it very airy and comfortable for your furry friend. The rounded edges of the crate wires ensure that your dog can enter or exit without scratching his fur or paws. The tray at the bottom makes it easy for the dog to sit or stand without the metal wires hurting his paws. Additionally, you can add a favorite blanket or towel of your pet to make the interior more comfy for him.

Some customers have even bought the Precision pet crate cover to give the crate a den like look. The covers make the crate look more cozy and secure, putting anxious dogs at ease as soon as they enter their den. The cover is very sturdy and provides a tight fit for the crate, making it difficult for your dog to chew it.

Portable: As mentioned previously, the crate can be assembled very quickly. Similarly it can also be folded back in seconds. After folding, the crate requires less storage space and you can attach the given handle to make it easy to carry it along with you. The crate is also not too heavy and hence you can easily take it with you while travelling.

The Precision pet crate cover will come handy during travelling also. It will not only protect your dog from the weather elements (the cover is water proof) but will also give him a feeling of security. The cover has a small opening at the top for the crate handlebars. Additionally, it has roll up mesh windows that will help your dog stay cool during the summer months. This will also give him an unrestricted view of the outside.

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Different sizes: One of things that will definitely appeal to you is the various sizes in which this crate is available. There are a total of six sizes. Following are their dimensions:

  • Extra Small – 19x12x15 inches
  • Small – 24x18x20 inches
  • Medium – 30x19x22 inches
  • Medium Large – 36 x 23 x 25 inches
  • Large – 42x28x30 inches
  • Extra Large – 48x30x33 inches

Obviously, each one comes at a different price. You can now easily choose the size that fits your dog. If you have a pup you can choose the crate that will be suitable for the size to which your pup will grow when he becomes an adult dog. Till that time, you can make use of the divider that comes along with the crate to adjust the crate’s size. Please note that the divider does not come with the extra small size crate.

Similar to the crates, the manufactures also make the Precision pet crate cover in various sizes to fit the different sizes of the crate.

An important point to note while choosing the right size for your pet is that your pet should have enough room to sit, stand and turn around comfortably in the crate. When you put the divider inside the crate make sure that the space left is also enough for your pet to do all of this.

Additional Features and product specifications

  • The crate is made of a sturdy metal that has a rust resistant coating.
  • The crate design has a patented 5 lock mechanism.
  • The six different crates have varying weight carrying capacity with the smallest one having a maximum capacity of 10 lbs and the largest one having a capacity of up to 110 lbs.
  • The divider, handle bars and the plastic tray come along with the crate.
  • The crate comes in a single color, black.

Precision Pet Crate versus Amazonbasics dog crate

Precision crate and Amazonbasics crate are very similar looking crates at first glance. There is the difference in their costs of course, but feature and function wise they look quite the same. Here are some of the similarities between the two crates:

  • Both are metal wire crates and come in 6 different sizes.
  • Both the crates have double doors.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble both the crates.
  • They both are fold-able and you can take them along while travelling.
  • Both the crates have sliding tray, handle bars and a divider.

But upon reviewing them in detail we found some differences that we have summarized below in a table for your convenience:

Precision Pet Crate vs. Amazonbasics dog crate Comparison Table


Precision Amazonbasics
Has a 5 lock mechanism on the doors. Has two latches on the doors.
There are no mini dividers at the bottom of the crate. The bottom has mini dividers to prevent paws from slipping through.
You can attach the handle bar in folded as well as unfolded state of the crate. The handle bar can only be used at the sides when the crate is folded
Comes in double door style only. Comes in two styles, single door and double door.
Has a polypropylene plastic tray which is durable and temperature resistant. Has a hard plastic tray which can crack easily and is not temperature resistant.
The sliding tray does not have any locking mechanism The sliding tray has a clip that prevents unnecessary sliding.
Expensive Budget friendly
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It is important to understand the differences between both the products in order to know how they will impact the requirements. Hence, we have described in detail the differences between the two crates so that you can decide which one to buy according to your specific needs

Security and safety features: The Precision crate has 5 locks on its doors which are definitely a plus if you want to prevent your pet from escaping from the crate. The Amazonbasics crate has the regular latches that do not provide as much security as the Precision crate’s locks.

Amazonbasics has instead designed the bottom of the crate with mini dividers that prevent your pet’s paws from getting stuck in between the bars. The bottom of the Precision crate does not have any specific design and it is similar to the rest of the crate.

Accessories: The plastic tray of the Precision crate is more strong and durable than the Amazonbasics tray since it is made of polypropylene plastic which is known for its sturdiness. But the tray of the Precision crate does not have a locking mechanism which sometimes makes it slide out unnecessarily. This locking mechanism is there with the Amazonbasics tray.

The accompanying handlebars in both the crates also function differently. For example, you can only attach the handle bar of the Amazonbasics crate after folding the crate. The manufacturers do not recommend attaching it on the top of the crate. This makes it difficult to carry the crate after assembling it fully.

On the other hand, you can put the handle bars of the Precision crate anywhere, even after assembling the crate. Hence, it becomes easy to shift the crate from one room to another.

Conclusion: Though the Precision crate is costlier than the Amazonbasics crate, it is more durable and is made of quality material. The Amazonbasics crate is suitable for short term or temporary use only. If you are looking for something permanent then you should opt for the Precision crate.

FEATURES Precision Crate Amazonbasics Crate
Quality 5/5 4/5
Cost 4/5 5/5
Lock security 5/5 3.5/5
Extra safety features 4/5 4.5/5
Accessories 4/5 3.5/5
Ease of set up 5/5 5/5
Portability 5/5 5/5
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What current buyers are saying?

Maximum buyers of the Precision crate are happy to have bought a crate that provides a safe and secure way to contain their pets. They are especially happy with the sliding tray which makes it very easy for them to clean up. Some customers though, have not found the tray very durable. Some complaints by customers related to the tray are:

  • After some time cracks start appearing on the tray making it unusable.
  • There is no locking mechanism that will prevent the tray from sliding. (This is by a customer who found this feature very annoying while driving).
  • Strong dogs who like to chew at things are able to chew and tear the tray.

Other than the complaints listed above, parents of well trained dogs found the crate value for money and are satisfied with their purchase. The different sizes make it very easy for them to choose the right crate for their pets.

Final Verdict

The Precision crate is quite sturdy and durable and provides a comfortable place for your dog to stay. If your dog is crate trained then you can easily keep him inside the Precision pet crate without worrying about his safety.

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