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Beautiful Video – Puppy Training Tips by Molly on using a Playpen & Crate

This is a simple and amazing short video as Molly walks you through some useful puppy training tips.

She shows you how you can use a playpen with a crate, and set-up this simple system in no-time.

Why do you need to use a playpen and confine your puppy?

This system will work great if your dog is prone to accidents. Or, he/she has the bad habit of destructive chewing. How?

Because the playpen will serve as a confined dedicated space for your dog. The first thing, it will keep them safe. Secondly, you’ll have less mess in your house.

Molly shows you how you can easily attach a playpen with a dog crate. This simple arrangement will provide your dog enough space to move around when it needs to.

At the same time, they can easily get into the crate if they want to sleep, rest or even sit there and play with their favorite chewy toy.

Puppy Training Tips by Molly: Confinement without making your puppy anxious

  • The good thing about this kind of set up is that your puppy will be able to see you when you are in the room doing something else, for example watching TV, cooking or whatever.
  • But, the idea is to introduce your puppy to this space slowly. So it will allow your puppy to get used to the space, without causing too much separation anxiety.
  • I would suggest you spend some time with them inside the playpen area, and make them feel comfortable. Then, your puppy will feel that it is not a ‘punishment area’ rather a personal space for him or her.

What should you have inside the playpen area?

It depends, you have seen in the video Molly has provided some nice suggestions. As much as possible, I would keep it clutter free.

  • The main thing is to teach your dog to remain clean.
  • Of course, I will have a pan with water and food. But, not too much so that they do not drink or eat and pee or poo inside the playpen especially when you are not around.
  • As seen in the video, you may have a bed outside the crate. For a very small puppy I would only have the crate. So they do not pee or poo on the bed and turn it into a habit.

How long should you keep them inside the playpen & crate?

I would definitely monitor, and check them every few minutes especially in the beginning stages. And gradually increase the time.

Even if you are a new dog owner with observation you will gain experience, so do not worry about it.

You will know exactly when your puppy needs to be let out for a pee or poo. Also, if I go to another room, upon returning back I will praise the puppy for doing well, and all those good stuff.

This helps because you are encouraging and reinforcing good behavior. Puppies are just like children, so you have to give them proper guidance and training.

I hope you found this article useful, especially Molly’s video and her simple puppy training tips.

Take care and thank you for visiting my website.

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