Richell Wooden End Table Crate – Why is it an awesome buy for your Pet?

Richell Wooden End Table Crate is awesome because it is stylish, elegant and has a great overall design. I also love the color. Why is it a good buy? Let’s explore and review it in further details.

Richell Wooden End Table Crate Review My Rating

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A bit of my mumbling!

If you own a pet, you might have experienced how much we think about choosing the right grooming accessories. And of course a dog crate is a big one, right.

Over the years, I have personally spent a few bucks on crates – some of them were good and others not so good.

Now with that comes experience, right?

We are dog lovers. I mean my family, extended family and most of my friends have dogs. For whatever reason, they happen to turn to me for suggestions – not that I am Guru or something.

So here I am to share my expertise with you obtained over years of experimenting and research. I am pretty sure I can help you in your buying decision as well.

Let’s dive in.

Finding the perfect crate for your dog:

A crate is going to be the personal space for your dog, and if personal space is not welcoming or pleasant, you will have a tough time confining your dog when required.

I remember having a metal or a wire crate but every time my dog moved inside it, it would make noise and it looked like my dog is barred, not a pleasant sight to me at least, plus it did not add to the aesthetic value of the house or the corner it was in.

And guess what? It did affect my overall crate training plan a bit!

But then we all learn from our mistakes, I always loved the idea of having a kennel like small space for my pet, which I do, but not indoors!

I mean kennels are not an indoor friendly design, right. I then came across this beautiful wooden dog crate by Richell.

Richell Wooden End Table Crate Review:

Here I am with my experience on Richell Wooden End Table Crate, read on to know more on how you can make the personal space of your dog more pleasant and have an effective crate training time.

First things first: Is it budget-friendly?

You might find wooden dog crates expensive over other crate options. But hey! Don’t we all pledge to choose the best for our furry friend?

And good things do come at a price. For some reason I would not like to take this point as a con and hence a disclaimer:

This crate will definitely cost you few bucks depending on its size. Since Amazon has deals from time to time, if I was you I would rather check it out here: Richell Wooden End Table Crate – Buy Now at Amazon.

The appearance of Richell Wooden End Table Crate:

This crate has a very sophisticated and compact look, with a plain top. The door can be opened fully so that your pet can have an easy access to his own space.

It is wooden and hence sturdy. When it comes to cleaning you can remove the sliding tray and keep it well-maintained and hygienic for your pet.

Product Description:

Dimensions :

For Large: 29.9 x 41.5 x 29.5 inches ; 55.1 pounds


Dark Brown

Shipping weight:

69.9 pounds

Is it the perfect crate for your companion?

I received this crate and assembling was very easy, not a task. It was as if I was erecting a Dollhouse for my daughter. I even put a tiny plant on the top.

The corner I chose was always very empty and boring. However adding this piece right there has definitely brightened up the appearance of the room.

The overall look or appearance is very aesthetically pleasing, professional, compact and to sum it all up in a single word – it looks perfect!

The Bottom Tray is Removable:

Therefore it makes cleaning easy. The door can be opened completely for your dog to access it, and it also has a stopper.

Great Visibility:

When it comes to visibility, it is perfect with a large vent and small bars. I noticed my pet also loving this piece more over the wire crate as this is more cozy, home-like and perfect in winters or low temperatures.

Wooden Panels Beware – if your Dog Chews:

One of my friend’s liked it. So he bought it for his pet. Unfortunately, he had a hard time. His dog was not crate trained or in a mood to be crate trained.

So there was an issue with chewing. The dog happened to chew the bars and escape the crate, which made his experience with this crate in particular, a bad one.

So I guess this might not really be the right option if you haven’t trained your pet yet for a crate or if your pet has destructive chewing habits.

Besides that, at times I tend to move this piece in our living room. Hence I added additional non-slip pads to protect my floor.

Let me quickly sum it up for you:


  • Aesthetically pleasant: It looks a part of your home and not just a crate. The wooden texture makes it look more like your pet’s space than just a cage
  • Clean: Easy to clean as it has a removable bottom tray.
  • Multipurpose: Serves as a table top as well as a crate.
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble and make it ready for your pet.
  • Accessibility: You can keep the door open when required as it has a stopper.


  • Bottom panel: The crate does not really have a bottom panel except the plastic tray that I remove for cleaning purposes.
  • Chewing: If your dog has the tendency to chew or escape this will be a disappointing purchase.
  • Quality: Somewhere I find a problem in the wooden quality used for this crate. It looks sturdy, well-furnished product but a small pup can chew the wooden bars and be out in minutes.


I feel (because I can read his mind) my pet prefers a wooden crate over a wired one. So I am happy.

Of course, I have made some small additions here and there by adding non-slip pads to protect my floor and some padding under the plastic tray.

That’s all really – overall I find it pretty good. I hope you find this review helpful. Happy petting!

Take care and see you soon.

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