what is crate training used for

What is Crate Training Used For?

Crate training is a process to train your puppy, so your dog knows that a crate is a safe place. The idea is to familiarize your dog with his new home. A dog crate is his home. A dog needs a den to feel secure and protected. And, a crate works like a den where he can relax and feel safe.

But, a crate is a new thing for a little puppy. He does not know what it is, or what is it’s purpose. So, as pet parent you have to guide them step by step. They will become familiar when we show them how it can be used safely. This is the whole purpose of crate training.

But, crate training is not easy. In most cases, it takes time and patience.

Why crate training a puppy is necessary?

A puppy is like a child. So, when you bring a puppy home for the first time, everything will be new to him. Obviously, he will need some time to get to know your home. Yes, if you’re thinking like I did, why do I even need to crate train him or her? Why wouldn’t he just go in to a crate and have a good time?

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Think what we do to human babies when we first use a crib. Yes, it does need some work!

So, most of the time a crate might seem daunting for a little puppy. Why? Because it is a new thing for him. Also, why would he confine himself to that space, unless you train him? A puppy would like to be near you all the time because it will feel more secure.

So, let me recap. Crate training is used to:

  1. Familiarize your puppy or even a grown-up dog to the crate. So, he/she associates a crate as his go to safe place.
  2. So, he/she learns how to use the crate properly. By that I mean, where he should potty and all those good stuff.


The goal of this article was to answer your question, and briefly tell you the importance of crate training. For more, please read this detailed Dog Crate Training Guide. You can combine a playpen and a crate to create a play area for your dog, this is a great article you might want to read.

Take care!

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