when to potty train a maltese puppy

When to potty train a Maltese Puppy?


Start potty training your Maltese Puppy from Day 1. Why? Because you want your Maltese puppy to form good habits from the very beginning. Dogs are intelligent animals and they have a wonderful memory. If they learn wrong things, then you’ll have to work twice as hard to get rid of those bad habits. A Maltese puppy will do better if you set them clear rules and boundaries. It is your responsibility as a pet parent to take charge and guide them. 

how to potty train a puppy fastSo, take the lead right away and show your puppy who the leader of the pack is!

On the same token, if you do not take the lead and be the pack leader, then your puppy will lack direction. And, that’s one of the reasons why Maltese puppy may pick up bad habits.

Here is a detailed guide on how to effortlessly potty train your puppy – read the book for free. If you like it, please do share it with friends and on Facebook!

Maltese Puppy Training Tips to Get you Started:
  1. Read the potty training guide I have shared above and make your own solid plan.
  2. Be patient and do not rush – if you do you and your puppy will be both frustrated.
  3. Make small and steady progress every single day.
  4. Stick to a routine and have a time-table in place (The plan I mentioned above).
  5. Focus on your dog’s diet and drinking habits.
How long does it take to potty train a Maltese puppy?

It may take about one to four months to potty train a Maltese puppy. You have to remain patient all through and train your puppy every single day. Training will help your Maltese puppy to learn how to tell you when it is bathroom time. Also, as they grow older they will learn to hold it for longer period of time.

Expect some accidents and be patient.

Do not scold or shout at your Maltese puppy, if something does wrong. Trust me, it will go wrong, just like human babies. So, planning and preparation is the key.

How do you train a Maltese to pee on a pad?

You can train a Maltese puppy to pee on a pad by taking your puppy to the pee pad frequently. You might be wondering, how frequently should you take your puppy for a pee? Just as a rule of thumb, and tips from various dog experts, you can use the following for planning purposes:

  • For 1 month old Maltese puppy – maybe 30/40 minutes depending on how much they are drinking.
  • When Maltese puppy is 2 months old – maybe an hour and a half at maximum.

A puppy can control his bladder for up to one hour for every month of his age. So, use this to calculate the time. Remember, observation is the key. This is just a rule of thumb.

It might be difficult at the beginning to command your Maltese puppy to go to the pee pad. So, you will have to find a way to take him there by showing him a tasty treat he likes. And whenever he/she pees on the pee pad you praise them, and give them a treat.

In other words, you are positively reinforcing good behavior. As they grow older and you start using a leash on your Maltese puppy, it will become much easier for you to guide them there with a leash.

Simple Crate Training Tips for Maltese Puppy:

Though this video is not about potty training, it will give you some useful tips on crate training a Maltese puppy. Potty training and crate training complements each other.


Maltese puppies are fun loving and they are great companion dogs. This breed is known for their good temperament and friendliness. But, like any other dog a Maltese puppy will need proper training, and house training is the foundation of everything.

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