Best Extra Large Wooden Dog Kennels for Your Most Loving Large Dog

Wooden dog kennels extra large reviews and tips for buying the absolute best home for your extra-large dog, which is of highest quality.

A German Shepherd (large breed) will fit in easily in a wooden dog house designed for a Great Dane (extra-large breed). But not the other way round.

So the first and foremost thing: is to look for something which fits your exact needs. You need something which your dog feels comfortable. And at the same it lasts you a while. Of course at a reasonable price.

Well to be completely honest with you, it is hard to find a lot of variety for wooden extra large dog house. But I have spent few hours looking for the best one for you, which are listed below:

Top 3 Wooden Dog Kennels Extra Large Comparison Chart

My only suggestion before you buy a large wooden dog house is that, please explore other options as well such great plastic options especially if you are thinking about outdoor dog house.

As you know there is a difference between large and extra-large. A Great Dane may stand 31 inch tall. There should be enough room inside the wooden doghouse, so that they are comfortable.

The following are few things you need to consider before buying an Extra Large Wooden Dog Kennel:

1) All dogs are different and they have different needs, right. Taller and extra-large dogs such as Great Danes, Greyhounds, or German Shepherds usually need a large doorway, so they can easily move in and out of the wooden extra large dog house.

2) Read the manufacturers instructions as well as user reviews to find out if the wooden kennels have a smooth finish. That there are no sharp metals, nails or edges, which might harm the dog or any family members especially a child.

3) What kind of weather do you have in your place? If it’s too wet with lot of rain, is wooden kennel a good choice. If it is for indoor then you have less to worry about it.

4) How much space do you have indoor (or even outdoor) and where are you going to place it?

5) Color and design considerations are very important, so that your extra large wooden kennel fits in neatly to your home decor. Because you have literally a million choice these days.

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